Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What do I get in the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid box?
Answer: Everything you need to play is in the box, with the exception of batteries if you choose to not use the AC Adaptor.
Question: Do I have to buy extra balls?
Answer: That's up to you. There are 8 x light-weight yellow balls provided in the Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid box. If you'd like to load and train with more than 8 balls, then you will also need to purchase the Ball Set (20 balls).
Question: What's the recommended number of Ball Tracks?
Answer: 2 - 4 Balls Tracks are recommended for optimal system performance.
Question: What is the speed of the ball launch?
Answer: There are 2 x SPEED modes of operation : Low (36 - 41 km/hr) and High (38 - 44 km/hr)
Question: How far can the ball launch?
Answer: There are 4 adjustable positions that determine the distance (4 - 13m) & height (0.5- 2.0m) of ball delivery
Question: What is the time between ball launches?
Answer: The time between each ball launched is 5 - 6 seconds, so Pitch It Up can deliver between 600 - 720 balls per hour when used continuously.
Question: Do the balls launch straight or spin?
Answer: The choice is yours! The Left and Right Wheels have 3 button positions each. When you place both the Left and Right Wheel button in the central position, this will allow the balls to be launched straight at the player. If you place the Left and Right Wheel buttons in any alternate combination, the ball will spin towards or away from the player.
Question: Can I use other balls in my Pitch It Up Machine?
Answer: No. The Pitch It Up machine is only designed for use with the Pitch It Up light-weight balls. Balls of other brands and designs are not suitable for use and may cause damage to the mechanisms.
Question: What material are the balls made from?
Answer: The balls are made from Polyurethane. Please do not allow babies, children or pets to chew or ingest.
Question: What is the weight of each ball?
Answer: 32 grams
Question: Will I void my warranty if I use other brands of balls in my Pitch It Up machine?
Answer: Yes.
Question: What do I need to make sure I do before turning ON my Pitch It Up?
Answer: Read the instructions and watch the video Getting Started to ensure the machine is constructed correctly. Before turning your Pitch It Up to the ON position, make sure no one is standing in front of the ball launcher. Do NOT AIM AT EYES OR FACE.
Question: Do the wheels keep spinning if I put my hand or finger inside the front of the machine?
Answer: No. An important safety feature of the Pitch It Up Machine is that the wheels will stop spinning when there is even a small resistance placed on them. Should children put their hand on the wheels, they cannot get fingers caught inside the machine as the wheel will not continue to spin.
Question: Can I use my Pitch It Up standalone?
Answer: Yes. The Pitch It Up can be used standalone or can be placed on a tripod.
Question: Can I put my Pitch It Up on a tripod?
Answer: Yes. You can place the Pitch It Up on a tripod using the standard camera fitting provided with the tripod. This will screw into the base of the Pitch It Up machine. Ensure the weight-bearing load limit of the tripod is suitable for the total weight of the machine and all accessories loaded.
Question: How heavy is my Pitch It Up Machine?
Answer: When loaded with 8 balls, 2 tracks and the Top Track, the Pitch It Up weight is approx 2kg making it very portable, even for kids.
Question: Why are the balls getting caught in the ball launcher?
Answer: When the batteries are starting to run down, the balls may start to drop inside the ball launcher section more often. Replace the batteries.
Question: How do I get balls out of the ball launcher?
Answer: Please watch the video called Clearing the Ball Launcher for a simple step-by-step guide on how to perform this safely. DO NOT pull balls from the rear of the Ball Launcher as you may break the Ball Detector mechanism.
Question: Why does the first ball not go as far?
The first ball is called the "warm up" ball. It is launched when the wheels and ball detector mechanisms are getting ready and are not at capacity speed, so the launch will be smaller. The second ball will be launched as per your chosen modes.
Question: Why is the red LED light ON (lit up) at the front of the machine?
Answer: The Red LED indicator light will light up when you are connected to power, or have batteries installed and the Pitch It Up Machine is switched to the ON position but no balls are detected by the Ball Detector. It helps you to remember to turn it OFF after use.
Question: I broke the buckle on the Ball Track, can I still use it?
Answer: It may be possible to use the Ball Track with a broken buckle but replacement is recommended.
Question: Can I use the Pitch It Up on sand or at the beach?
Answer: No. It is not recommended for use in sandy areas as the sand may clog up the mechanisms.
Question: Can I use the Pitch It Up in the rain?
Answer: DO NOT use the Pitch It Up machine in the rain or where there is water.
Question: I've lost the Top Track. Where can I get a new one?
Answer: Please contact us via the CONTACT page and we'll assist you with purchasing a new Ball Track.
Question: What is the power source?
Answer: You have a choice of using the AC Adaptor (provided in the box) or you can install 4 x D-sized batteries in the battery compartment at the base of the machine.
Question: I've lost the AC Adaptor. Where can I get a new one?
Answer: Please contact us via the CONTACT page and we'll assist you with purchasing a new AC Adaptor.
Question: Can I use any model of AC Adaptor?
Answer: No. The Pitch It Up machine is only approved for use with the AC Adaptor that is provided in the box. DO NOT use another AC Adaptor with the Pitch It Up machine.
Question: For which countries is the AC Adaptor Compatible?
Answer: The AC Adaptor is suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand. It has a 2 pin plug. Other countries will require a plug adaptor for compatibility.
Question: The Ball Tracks are a slightly deformed. What should I do?
Answer: The Ball Tracks are made from a malleable plastic. Gently press into shape by hand and continue to assemble.

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