Help build confidence with your cricketer

Refine your batting, catching & fielding skills

Fun with your friends or master skills on your own

Pitch It Up

Improves hand-eye coordination, concentration and focus with every ball

to help young cricket stars of tomorrow take their game to a new level.


Check out these fantastic features that make Pitch It Up unique

Practice on your own

Fun with your friends

Train with the team

Reviews & Feedback


It's really good because it bowls straight and it helps me with my batting. I like using it in my backyard and on our driveway and my team mates really like it when I bring it to training too


Aged 9


It’s great – I can use it by myself but my Dad helps and plays sometimes too. I like it because I can practice my cricket whenever I want


Aged 8


I thought it was going to be a bit too easy for me because I'm pretty good at batting and cricket but I had to concentrate and really focus on the ball as it was fast. It's a real bowling machine! I think it's helping me get ready for the fast bowlers


Aged 12


Thank you Pitch It Up! My active 12 year old who is "cricket-mad" just loves practicing every afternoon after school. She simply can't wait to load it up and get started. I can see her getting better and she knows she is too. Her confidence is growing which is nice to see. Fortunately we can use the adaptor so we're not always buying batteries! We love it!

Mum of Alexandra

Aged 12


I love Pitch It Up because it shoots the ball far and the balls are easy to see when batting and fielding. My favourite place to take my Pitch It Up is the cricket pitch because I can smash the ball really far to improve my batting and it makes me feel like I'm in the BBL!


Aged 9