About Us

Thank you for visiting Pitch It Up and for wanting to learn a little more about us.

Established in December 2021, Pitch It Up is a family business based in Brisbane, Australia.
We enjoy an enthusiasm for cricket, especially kids cricket and are encouraged by seeing kids being active and
healthy whilst having fun as a family.

The idea for Pitch It Up began when our youngest ‘cricket-mad’ son was seven years old and had
developed the basic batting, catching and bowling skills needed for cricket. At this time we went on
the search for an automated bowling machine that he could use at home to help him develop
further – only to find that his age and skill level (and our budget) fell into a ‘gap’ of what is available.
As we shared our findings with the parents of other young cricketers we learned they
too were experiencing the same challenge. And so Pitch It Up evolved.

If your kids are anything like so many we know through our involvement in junior cricket, they take
their cricket seriously and are determined to be the best that they can be every time they walk on
the field. They look at the professional players and dream that one day that will be them.
We launched Pitch It Up to help foster that dream for those aspiring young cricketers. It aims to
help them develop the gross motor skills needed for batting, catching and fielding. Whether training
alone, with family, a coach or playing with friends, these fundamental skills are being continually
enhanced, which in-turn helps them build the confidence to play well and grow.

Recently we have been privileged to see Pitch It Up used by some junior players in the All Abilities
cricket sphere. It has been very rewarding to see how it is able to be adapted to meet the skill level
of every player, no matter of their capability, then to see them develop and grow in their skills as a
result of working with the Pitch It Up Training Aid. The excitement of the children and young adults,
along with their parents and coaches as they reached new skill levels was incredible!

Our hope is that your cricketer will love using Pitch It Up in your yard or driveway; that they will
meet new friends as they take Pitch It Up to the park or the cricket nets; and that PE Teachers and Cricket Coaches will make training more enjoyable by incorporating drills using Pitch It Up.

Finally, we hope that your family shares in the enjoyment as ours does.